Who are we ?


Being in daily contact with farmers who were often facing difficulties for financing their investments projects, in 2017 we came to the idea to create a connecting service under the name of “FARMERLINK” between them and investors who are often looking for new financial investment vehicles and are eager to give sense to their heritage. Furthermore, we support them in the implementation and the achievement of their projects and bring them technical, economical, financial and legal advice together with a financing solution.

A wheat field, fresh crop of wheat.

"Our aim is to support farmers in the achievement and the sustainability of their investment projects"

What we stand for


“Passionate about land and having a vision on the economic evolution of the agricultural world, we decided to create a company and to be actors of this evolution, through the fulfillment of innovative projects and ideas which create value for the farmers.”


“The goal of FARMERLINK is to give a financing possibility to the farmers who are eager to add value to their production and are willing to invest into diversification or processing projects beyond or together with the traditional financing possibilities such as the banks, as a first contribution with leverage to obtain a bank loan.”


“FARMERLINK is the first existing platform which is dedicated to the agricultural entrepreneurs for connecting a project leader to 1 or 2 associated /sponsoring investors.”

The Team

The common feature of all FarmerLink members is their proximity and knowledge of the agricultural world, its network of experts and prescribers.


Mickael OGER

President and Associate

Associate within the milk analysis laboratory LACTEUS and technical support EV-CONSULT

I love the agricultural world and I have been advising the dairy farmers for 15 years.
The agricultural community is in full mutation and will experience major changes of diversification . I want to support this sector in order to allow it to remain independent and ensure its sustainability.



Graduated from the Institute of Management in 2006 (ICG) in strategic management, I was active in the past 20 years as a Managing Director of companies in the fields of agro-supply and livestock equipment.
I was also the co-founder of a consortium of companies in these two fields.



Veterinary Doctor practising in dairy cattle for 25 years, I am also the President of LACTEUS which is a private milk analysis laboratory. Veterinary Doctor practising in dairy cattle for 25 years, I am also the President of LACTEUS which is a private milk analysis laboratory. I am very involved in the agricultural community and I often notice that many breeders have professional projects which are technically realistic but cannot be carried out because of lack of funding. Hence my motivation to get involved in Farmerlink.

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